2015-02-12 23:30:47 by Darc14

Some of my Tracks are only available on Soundcloud :D 


You are interested in them ? Here you go !


There will be more !!!! mainly on Soundcloud. But i will also upload some tunes especially Game Music on Newgrounds :)


Also if you wish to work together with me, please give me a short message here and i will reply ASAP :)

Visit Eysberg !

2013-07-01 16:00:29 by Darc14

Visit our Youtube Channel for more great Beats !

Visit my other sites for MORE Beat !

2013-02-02 07:17:41 by Darc14

Visit my other sides if you like me or interested in my work :)

here's my YT Channel -> ure=mhee
currtently im working on a Minecraft Project with Lulztown visit them too !

here's my Page ->

You can find there all kinds of HipHop Beats :) also mine

have fun listening to my stuff :) greetings


Lately im out of Money

2013-01-19 05:39:14 by Darc14

So Guys if you need some cool beats or some good video game music

i'd be really happy to work with you guys :)

Need some work guys :<

2011-12-28 12:17:43 by Darc14

i need some work gimme that game gimme that collab <3

Got new Work again *wohooo*

2010-08-11 19:04:00 by Darc14

So guys thanks 4 all

i got work again wohoo :D

and hey you wanna know what im gonna do know?

right sittin in front of my Music equipment and enjoy my Wodka ;)

Thanks for all guys... hope we can work together often

I need new Rappers

2010-08-08 09:26:09 by Darc14

Im fu***** angry now... i hate those ppl who tell you "yeah lets work together this would be very nice and stuff..." im fucking tired of them...

i need some new fresh ppl who REALLY work with me...

so if there are some nice people who like my beats... please tell me

im free again

;) new fresh beats

2010-06-04 14:18:13 by Darc14

:D so if you guys need some new fresh beat stylez and stuff contact me on that one :)

Serious Guys...

2010-05-27 17:01:12 by Darc14

no rly.. if you guys like to download my stuff you also could leave a vote and a comment :D so please do me that favor...

im pretty happy about new votings and new comments :)

Its 11 PM in germany

2010-05-11 17:07:21 by Darc14

i dont know what to do :( want to upload a beat from 2010 but i cant Q.Q